Thursday, January 19, 2012

Support Letter

Below is the letter that I am sending out to everyone. It describes my work in Ishinomaki and that in order to stay I need help with prayer and finances. Please read and remember me in your prayers and consider supporting me financially so I can stay in Japan.

Dear Friends,
As you may know I have been serving as a voluntary missionary intern with Mission to the World (MTW) in Ishinomaki, Japan. I have been here since last May after graduating from Jackson State University with a degree in social work.  After the March 11, 2011 earthquake and tsunami, MTW, through Grace City Church, Tokyo, and the Chiba team began relief work in Ishinomaki, a city devastated by the tsunami. I only planned to stay 3 months, but in July was asked to continue 9 months with the Grace City Relief team. It was increasingly apparent that God had led me to this mission field and was calling me to stay. Despite the language barrier and the challenges of living in a second culture, God has seen fit to use me for the extension of His kingdom.

A recent article outlined the situation: “In Ishinomaki, one of the hardest-hit coastal settlements, more than half of the city’s 61,000 houses were either swept away completely or severely damaged by the tsunami.”(  Not only does the city have physical needs, but also spiritual. This region is one of the least churched areas in Japan and Japan itself has less than .2% Christians. I have helped coordinate short term teams, organize community events, restore dilapidated houses, strengthen ties between relief organizations and build relationships with the local community of Ishinomaki. This work, so far, has been a great outlet for communicating the gospel to Japanese people in a real practical way. However, there is still much work to be done. Because of this, I have accepted an invitation to stay in Ishinomaki till May 2013. 

I have and continue to depend on the prayer and financial support of God’s people. Pray that as I work to help rebuild communities that I will also have the opportunity to share Christ. Pray for my neighbors; there are several with whom I am in contact daily. Pray for my health. During my time here I have struggled with various sicknesses. Also, to effectively communicate the gospel to the Japanese, it is necessary for me to speak the language. Please pray for me regarding this endeavor.
Additional financial support is needed to continue in my work here. This includes $3,800 per month and $4,500 in one time support. Please prayerfully consider how you might support me in this way.

You may contribute online through the following link and
 designating the gift for“LavalleeVirginia #14489.” 
Or a check to "Mission to the World," designated for 
"Virginia Lavallee #14489," 
may be sent to:   
Mission to the World, P.O. Box 116284,
 Atlanta, GA 30368-6284.

 Thanks for your prayers and support for the ministry to the people of Ishinomaki, Japan

In Christ,

Virginia Lavallee

two Japanese university students who volunteered with us

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