Tuesday, January 24, 2012

English Classes!

So today was the start of two English classes as part of our outreach to the community. I have been putting off this particular outreach several different reason for awhile now. For one I do not particularly care for teaching and two this would take direct involvement from me whereas usually I am in the background making sure things happen. And I have had zero time to start another new project with that kind of commitment. :) 

Well by God's grace we started two classes today! The first class was in the afternoon at our base Hope House. Nine people came!(just the right amount!) I could not have done it without Micheal and Satako. Michael has taught English classes to Japanese before so knew how to keep the class flowing and Satako helped with translation. The class in the afternoon was all older people so very laid back and easy going. I was fun! A lot of laughter and fun time working on several easy English sentences to say.
  English time!! :) We learned John 15:13 at the end of class.

Everyone was really into it! :)

(To the left standing: Satako(my right hand assistant!) & Michael(a long term volunteer)

The second class was at a home owner's cafe. We are currently working on repairing this homeowner's home. The crowd at this English class was younger and knew more English. It was lots of fun! We had it more together at this class and I actually gave a mini-devotion on our verse of the week. 
Me explaining siblings..

 The chirashi(flyer) that Satako made for the classes!

It was fun! 
(a big thank you to my co-worker Satoshi for taking these pics and helping out with logistics and etc!)

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