Tuesday, May 7, 2013

First week of Liberty Music Project

Below are summaries of our first week of Liberty Music Project. Please be praying with us as we seek to meet the different needs at each school. All Glory for this project goes to God! A huge shout out to Ryo and Mami who work tirelessly on this project. It is such a honor to work with such gifted co-workers.

April 25, 2013 Thursday Excursion classes:
John Lucas teaching "Praise the Lord"
Minato Middle School:
Peformers: Jonathan Straker, Ken Matsuda & John Lucas
MCs: Ryo Amano & Virginia Lavallee
300+ students and teachers

The class went really well. John Lucas shared about what Gospel music is about and taught, “Praise the Lord” to all students. Teachers and students alike loved the class.
Ryo and I teaching a little fun English

Singing "Praise the Lord" for the kids @ Minato.
This group was an "instant choir".
(we sang together  for the first time that day.)

Watanoha Middle School
Peformers: Jonathan Straker & Ken Matsuda
MCs: Ryo Amano & Virginia Lavallee
40+ students and teachers

Was a big hit with the students. Jonathan Straker shared about Gospel music and taught, “Praise the Lord” to the students. All enjoyed the class.
Singing "Praise the Lord" to the kids @ Watanoha

Teaching the kids "Praise the Lord"'s motions!

Friday 26, 2013 Friday
Held first weekly class at Minato Middle school. We had 5 students and 1 teacher. It went

really well. We hope to continue to build these relationships and develop individual interests in various musical instruments. We had a great conversation with the teacher who shared his story about the tsunami. He lost both his mother and daughter to the tsunami. He also shared about the months after 3.11 how hard they were and the relief and recovery work went for him and his wife. It was a good time of listening and sharing. We will be going out with the principal and this teacher this week after class for dinner. Please in in prayer for this time with them.

Saturday 27, 2013 Saturday

Morning: Held first weekly class at Kamizoku Base for Watanoha Middle school. Despite having 1 registration forms and several saying they would come after Thursdays class we had only 1 student show up. Went through class session with student. We will be doing two outreaches this week with students from Watanoha. Please be in prayer as we seek to see how we can best meet these needs.

Afternoon: Held first weekly class at Amazing Grace Center for Yamoto Middle school. No students showed up. Held a praise and prayer session with Amazing Grace Center staff instead. Yamoto middle school, the music teacher there is very overwhelmed so it looks’ like that beyond helping us advertise she can’t help with this program. The principal is new and not interested in promoting this program. We will be talking with Amazing Grace Center staff to see about opening this class to elementary students as there had been interest from that age group for this class. Please be praying as this school is the hardest for us to reach.

 All praise to God for how this continues to reach people we dont expect and touch hearts through music.

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