Monday, March 26, 2012

New Nick-name, Grandfather's passing away and other events

My new nickname: So in the Japanese language there is no "v" sound. Nor is "r" really used and actually the "r" and "l" sound alike in Japanese. My name now sounds like this: "Ba-ji-ni-a" and looks like this: バージニア. Well like with the English language names are shorten. Well it just happens that the name for grandmother in Japanese is Oba chan which gets shorten to "Ba-chan"... guess what my new nickname is... Hehehehe..
Yep.. definitely getting to that grandmother stage..
me with one of the university students came and volunteered with us during his spring break!

My grandfather(Lolo): Dr. William Simons was an amazing man and definitely someone who I aspire to be like some day. He passed away on March 12 at age 92. He was the only grandparent I ever knew(all my other grandparents passed away when I was younger). I was his second to youngest grandchild. In fact he retired for the  2nd time from the mission field the year I was born. He was a missionary for over 40 years to China and the Philippians. He was amazing in how he always was encouraging those around him and constantly wanted to learn. He leave an awesome legacy over half of his 14 grandkids are in ministry in some form or fashion and overseas.
All the grandkids with Lolo. In 2008 our last family reunion everyone was able to make it.

Other events: We had many community events going on the past 3 weeks. With over 150 volunteers coming through we were busy getting them to serve this area. There was one particular event that we did over 6 different days in a 2 week span. We along with Samaritan's Purse hosted several different lunches in order for us to get to know more of the house owners. Two different teams(one from Hong Kong and other other Nagoya) hosted these lunches. It was a great time of fellowship, laughter, and fun. 
Samurai lady! she is awesome! Another neighbor who I remember distinctly from my first visit to Ishinomaki. So glad we have become good friends. 

The food was very good. Many of the nieghbors ended up coming by  and joining in. :)

Lots of fun and laughter!! :)

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